Welcome to Hetemeel.com! Here you'll find 'dynamic images'. These are images that you can customize or add captions to, often to create a funny situation or to illustrate a joke. You'll be able to send these customized pictures to your friends (this feature will be added soon). Click on the links to the left, under 'dynamic images', to get started right away! More pictures will be added over time so check back regularly. For comments or suggestions you can email me here. News and updates are below.

Hotlinking disabled :: 05-06-01

I had to disable hotlinking images for certain domains, because bandwith costs money and I used too much of it. If you want your image to show up properly on other websites, please use a free image host or your personal webspace to host it. Thanks.

Linking the images :: 05-05-05

I noticed a big increase in visitors recently. When posting pictures on a forum, I would appreciate if you took the time to save the image you created and upload it to some free image host to save me some bandwith. Hotlinking the images directly is still possible, this is just a request.

Not enough visitors :: 04-10-26

Yes, so please tell your friends about this site. Also, if you have a website of your own, how about exchanging some links? Come on, you know you want to!

New layout :: 04-10-25

Since the old layout sucked, I'm now at layout number 4. I hope this one will keep looking nice for some time.
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